Councillors fume after being omitted from motorbike scheme

Three newly elected councillors in Bulilima rural district council were left fuming after they failed to benefit from a motorbike scheme meant to improve service delivery in the district as their wards were not included in the budget.

The three councillors, Ephraim Moyo of Ward (Citizens Coalition for Change), Experience Dube of ward 14 (Zanu PF) and Makhadi Moyo of ward 16 (Citizens Coalition for Change) were voted into office during by-elections held on 3 September 2022.

They replaced three previous Zanu PF councillors two of which resigned while the other died.

One of the councillors told CITE that the lack of ward representation when the scheme was being crafted has affected service delivery.

“They told us that they will do the budget to accommodate us as well. We expected that the previous councillors were going to benefit since they had worked for the government and they did not resign on their own but due to circumstances beyond their control,” said the councillor.

“They said even Ntungamili Dube, Delani Mabhena and Tony Mlotshwa (previous councillors) were not included as they made the budget on 22 July when the seats were already vacant, so it’s making us question a lot of things.”

Contacted for a comment, acting Bulilima CEO Billiat Mlauzi said the process started when the councillors had not been elected into office.

“Everyone has not yet received these motorbikes but the scheme is a loan facility so the process had started long back, we were not even sure whether the by-elections were going to be held and those previously councillors had not shown any interest,” said Mlauzi.

“These ones came whilst we had already finalized the process, we are still considering how they could be incorporated because they are now our councillors.”

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