Councillors call for permanent solution to sewer bursts

Bulawayo councillors have called on the engineering department to come up with permanent solutions to the perennial sewer bursts in the city, citing residents are being exposed to waterborne diseases.

Councillors Sikhululekile Moyo and Tinevimbo Maphosa for Ward 17 and 21 respectively, called out council management for not prioritising the issue.

The councillors registered their displeasure during the latest full council meeting, where they noted that residents in their wards were constantly affected by sewer bursts.

Cllr Maphosa said fellow councillors have raised the issue in previous meetings but it hasn’t been given the attention it deserves.

“We are talking about sewer issues here. I raised this issue in the previous meeting and I want to repeat it. In line with our vision of being a smart city, by 2024, It will not be achieved if we ignore or not out much attention to these issues. In my ward, there are sewer hotspots which have now been given names because of their perennial nature,” he said. 

“I implore the committee and the department to have a solution to this predicament. We cannot be talking about the same issue everyday. Yesterday I spent the day attending to calls reporting sewer bursts. They take a long time to respond and I don’t know why. The minutes state that a contractor has been contracted to attend to these perennial sewer problems. This is not the first time they are doing this, we need a solution.”

Cllr Maphosa noted that in some areas residents struggle to get out of the house because the sewer will be flowing right by the door. 

“Your Worship, if this is not given the attention it deserves we are likely to have disease outbreaks. More men power and more resources should be allocated towards this cause.” 

Cllr Moyo concurred with Cllr Maphosa, imploring for a permanent solution to sewer bursts.

“We do appreciate that they are really trying their best to deal with this issue but what we do need right now is a solution. Even in Pumula, we are struggling with the same challenge. At least there should be a partner who can be called in to come and assist the city council with this issue. It seems like the department is sleeping on duty,” she said.

“There were talks about a jetting machine that needs to be modified but it seems to be taking too long. We are trying to run away from situations where we end up having disease outbreaks again.”  

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