Council will crack whip on illegal vendors: Deputy Mayor

Bulawayo deputy mayor and Ward 1 councillor Mlandu Ncube says the local authority will continue cracking the whip on illegal traders operating in the city centre in a bid to maintain order in the Central Business District (CBD).

On Tuesday council in partnership with the police carried out a massive operation against illegal vendors operating within the CBD.

Discussing the matter during a full council meeting on Wednesday, Cllr Ncube said the council will continue with the crackdown.

“We will continue with the crackdown on those not following the laws of the city, we are not going back and we saw that enforcement is necessary, we will now intensify it because a city has to be a city, people have to work,” he said.

“Those who want to work have designated areas where they should work, the enforcement is going to continue and we are not going to stop it because of criminals.”

Ward 4 Councillor, Silas Chigora also applauded the operation.

“I want to applaud the department for the cleaning operation we saw yesterday, these are the actions we want to see throughout the whole year. In case others did not see, there was a serious cleaning along George Silundika from 6th Avenue,” said Chigora.

He added, “I was very happy for the first time your Worship to see the city being thoroughly cleaned, we want to say thank you very much from that department and the enforcement, I saw even ZRP and other security forces, although they were watching from a distant, I think that should be applauded, we want to see that happening next week, next month and so forth.”

Councillor Chigora said the operation should also be extended to other streets and target illegal public transport operators.

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