Concillors urged to declare assets

Ward 9 newly elected councillor Donaldson Mabuto has called on fellow councillors to declare their assets once they are sworn in to ensure transparency and accountability in a bid to lure investors in Bulawayo.

“Investors can only have confidence of coming to our city if we carry ourselves appropriately. We need to be transparent and accountable to the people. One way of assuring this is if we declare our assets before assuming our duties. That way people we represent can be able to evaluate us and be satisfied that we are not embezzling any funds,” he said.

Cllr Mabuto decried divisions existing in communities based on ethnicity and tribe.

“We realise that the Bulawayo populace is diverse. It is not exclusive to Ndebele people only. The irony of the situation is the sidelined people are the ones who are expected to vote the Ndebele people into power. Let us all accept each other as we are.”

He urged councillors to be God fearing in order to shun corruption.

Cllr Mabuto expressed gratitude to President Mnangagwa´s remarks on devolution of power during his inauguration speech.

“We hope the President will stick to his promise of devolving power to ensure development. If all the resources meant for Bulawayo are remitted to the city then we can move forward. For example when vehicle license was being paid direct to BCC there was development. Of late ZINARA has not been remitting enough money.

“Due to lack of resources in our council, most suburbs, especially the old ones are operating with sewer systems installed as far back as 1954. These were installed when urban population was still being monitored. Now the population has increased, there is need for these pipes to be changed to those that can withstand the load. That way we can eradicate the problem of perennial burst pipes,” he said.

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