Come on board, bring your resources: Newly formed ZRF drums up support

The newly formed Zimbabwe Republicans Front (ZRF) has said it is pro-Zimbabweans while urging the generality of citizens to rally behind the latest political outfit in next year’s crucial harmonised elections.

Formed early this year, ZRF is led by Fanuel Lisenga.

Speaking Tuesday during the Breakfast Club, an online programme hosted by CITE, Lisenga extended the invitation to join his party to Zimbabweans from all walks of life.

“My message to the people who are out there is that time has come, time is ripe that you guys come on board,” said Lisenga.

“This very vibrant project, the Zimbabwe Republican Front is a new project that is led by Zimbabweans. We are pro-everyone, whites, blacks, Ndebeles Shonas the Shangani, everyone who has a Zimbabwean nationality.”

He went on further to say: “Come on board everyone; the door is open. This is going to be the main opposition of this country. Come on board, bring your resources, let’s come together and support it.”

He said was bringing a different dimension to the country’s political arena.

“This party is bringing in what we call elitist politics, where we are saying as politicians we must avoid by all means what we call spew over effects. We do not want politics of violence, we are not violent. Let’s work together for Zimbabwe which we all want.”  

Asked about the timing of his party’s formation, just a few months before the country goes for polls and their chances of emerging victorious, Lisenga said having many political players was good for the country’s democracy, adding questions on the timing of this party were immaterial.

He added that if Zimbabweans want them they would still vote for ZRF regardless of when it was formed.

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