CITE launches service delivery tracking platform

The Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE) has launched a service delivery tracking platform to assist Bulawayo residents to report service delivery challenges in their area.

The mobile application called, Fix My City, is available for Android and IOS devices.

CITE director Zenzele Ndebele said the organisation was motivated to develop the mobile application after realising that residents in the city were experiencing service delivery challenges.

“The idea behind Fix My City, came after a realisation that residents were always complaining about service delivery issues and we felt as CITE we could contribute by reporting their issues to the city council in a more easier way rather than calling the council. They can simply use their mobile phones to report any faults.

“We need to emphasise that the city council has a call centre which is used to report any faults, so our mobile application will complement efforts being done by the city council in delivery its service,” said Ndebele.

Ndebele added that as Bulawayo residents they felt the need to help communities to ensure that they live in habitable areas and receive quality service delivery.

On the other hand, Ndebele said as a media organisation they are playing their watchdog role by holding the city council officials to account.

Ndebele said while they are currently targeting Bulawayo residents there are plans to expand the service to other cities and towns.

“We will be engaging local authorities in the different parts of the country to seek partnerships on how we can enhance service delivery in those areas,” he said.

Ndebele said the long term plan is to have a functional city that offers quality service delivery to its residents.

“We also hope that this will help the city council or push them to address the resident’s concerns in the shortest possible time and more effectively. The councillors when they are campaigning for office promise good service delivery so this is also a way of pushing the elected officials to deliver on their promises,” he said.

How to download the Fix My City application:

  1. Download the Fix My City ZW app from from the playstore/App store or send a Hi message to +263781653445 via WhatsApp
  2. Submit details about an issue you are experiencing or that you encountered
  3. You will receive a ticket number and the issue will be forwarded to the Bulawayo City Council
  4. Use the Fix My City ZW app to track your ticket as well as other issues within Bulawayo

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