Churches pray for peace ahead of elections

Churches under the banner Zimbabwe for Jesus prayer campaign are set to hold a prayer meeting in Bulawayo to pray for peace ahead of the 2023 elections.

Zimbabwe for Jesus prayer campaign is an open Christian prayer campaign which started two years ago.

 The prayer meeting is set to be held at Nketa hall on the 3rd of March from 4 pm up to 7 pm and on the 4th of March from 12 noon to 4 pm.

Speaking to CITE, one of the organisers, Pastor Owen Madori called for more pastors and other ministers and residents around Bulawayo to participate and pray for the nation.

“We have a list of prayer vision pertaining to the nation, there are a lot of things that are happening at the current moment, our nation is going through economic hardships and challenges, we are praying for Zimbabwe, it was once a bread basket of our southern region, a lot of things have actually changed, we are praying for the restoration of our country in terms of its economic face,” said pastor Madori.

“We have always had challenges with violence that comes up whenever we are going into elections. We are also looking and praying that there may be unity amongst our political parties.”

Pastor Madori said they will also pray for the state of the city of Bulawayo.

“We will also pray for infrastructure, there are a lot of things that are missing in Bulawayo, we are backward, there are a lot of things to do, there are the issues of road infrastructure, water challenges, electricity challenges, we have been having a lot of issues and its concerning. At times we may blame leaders and say they are the ones who are not doing it well but I think we need to consider that maybe some of these things need prayer,” he said.

“If leaders come together with churches and people at large and pray about these issues, I believe that God will bring a general change in our country as well as spiritual revival, as a nation, we are a Christian nation, and there is a lot of uncertainty that has been happening, we have had a lot of people being murdered, we have issues of drugs abuse, there are a lot of issues that we have tabled as prayer points that we want to bring before the Lord.”

Pastor Modori also appealed for financial assistance to make the campaign a success.

“What we discovered is that we have had people that were supporting us when we started last of last year, we had partners that were actually helping us to gather resources especially when we had events such as these, we tend to have certain resources that are required such as bookings, transportation and sometimes we tend to feed people, these are part of the things that we were requesting from well-wishers if they are able to help us also in acquiring part of these resources as well.”

 In addition, Deacon Sikhumbuzo Dube said they want to pray against the ills afflicting the city.

“There are a lot of issues such as the potholes, we seem to have normalised water shedding, load shedding. We want to even pray against the drug abuse amongst young people,” said Dube.

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