Churches condemn Moreblessing Ali’s murder

THE Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has raised grave concern over the escalating cases of senseless murders and loss of lives in the country recently.

Their worry comes as the country is still in shock after the body of opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Morelessing Ali who had been missing for over two weeks, was found brutally murdered.

In a statement titled “Reclaiming the sanctity of life” ZCC said Ali’s murder was disturbing as it showed the highest level of hatred among people in the society.

“The brutality of the killing of Moreblessing Ali indicates a level of hatred that is very disturbing. It confirms what Jesus taught in that it is not only the physical act of murder that God judges, but the condition of the heart (Matthew 5:21-22). The church is deeply concerned about the level of hate and hate speech that has developed in our nation that forms a reservoir out of which these terrible killings emerge,” the statement reads.

Ali’s dismembered body was found dumped in a well at a farm belonging to who the police said was Pius Jamba, who is their prime suspect in Beatrice.

Pius Jamba is believed to be a well-known staunch ZANU PF supporter in that area.

“The nation’s conscience needs to be reawakened to the fact that killing any human being is not acceptable, whatever the reasons may be. The church wishes to call upon the nation to renew its commitment to respect the dignity of all human life.

The nation needs to establish a culture in which disputes are resolved through non-violent means and where tolerance and coexistence characterize how citizens live with differences,” reads the pastoral statement. 

Ali’s body was discovered a day after another murder in Bulawayo where a CCC supporter, Langelihle Dube was attacked by a machete-wielding gang who walked away with US$25.

Dube owned a tuck-shop and a car park in Lobengula suburb.

ZCC also condemned other murder cases that have occurred across the country since the beginning of the year.

“The nation has seen an increase in cases of murder and loss of lives of Zimbabwean lives in the first half of the year. On the 27th of February, Mboneni Ncube was killed at a political rally in Kwekwe. In March, reported having arrested Bright Zhantali.

In May, a man from Pelandaba suburb (Bulawayo) Mchimi Lunga was in court accused of killing his wife, Nicolah Mabvure

Some opposition activists have disappeared without a trace in suspected abductions by  state security agents.

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