Child appearing drunk in viral video leads to police investigation

Police in Bulawayo are investigating the sale of alcohol to a primary school learner from Nyamande Primary School in Old Lobengula.

The learner was captured on video appearing drunk. The video has since gone viral on social media.

Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and said efforts to arrest the culprit are underway.

“In the video, the learner reveals the name of a person whom he alleges to be a drug peddler. Following the video which had gone viral and appeared to have been recorded in a classroom or school office set up, police instituted investigations.”

He said it was established that the learner stole R20 from his grandmother which he used to buy a 375ml bottle of Explorer Vodka.

“The school was identified and efforts to arrest the drug peddler are still underway. It was established however that the learner had stolen ZAR20 from his grandmother which he used to buy a 375ml bottle of Explorer hot stuff which he went on to dilute with a 500mls fizzy drink,” said Inspector Ncube.

He said the learner took the alcohol while in class after telling the teacher or asking for permission to do so as he claimed he was soothing his dry throat.

“That is how he got drunk. Police are therefore making some efforts to establish the person who recorded the video,” said Inspector Ncube.

The police spokesperson said the authorities, teachers, parents and or guardians including members of the public are urged to desist from taking videos of vulnerable people or those in distress and distributing them as it is an offence.

“In this case, people were supposed to protect the child and carry remedial measures which include but are not limited to calling parents, police and other stakeholders,” said Inspector Ncube.

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