Chief Ndiweni launches petition for election re-run

Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna has launched an online petition challenging the recently held 2023 elections and calling for an election re-run.

In the petition, titled “Referendum on Zimbabwe 2023 Election Out,” Chief Ndiweni argues that the recently held election was won by the Citizens Coalition Change (CCC). He calls for an election re-run to be supervised by an independent board.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) declared Emmerson Mnangagwa presidential winner beating his rival Nelson Chamisa in the disputed elections.

The petition has so far garnered 913 signatures.

Chief Ndiweni wants Zanu PF to relinquish power to CCC and failure to this, the traditional leader outlined a few steps that should be taken if the ruling party holds on to power.

The petition calls for fresh elections in the next six months and that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) be abolished and the election run by a joint body from SADC, AU, EU, Commonwealth and UN.

Chief Ndiweni said a caretaker government working closely with SADC, AU, EU, The Commonwealth and the United Nations has to oversee this short election re-run process.

“For 43 years now, SADC has tried to resolve the Zimbabwean Crisis and has not managed to resolve the matter.  Hence it is vital the AU, EU, Commonwealth and United Nations assist SADC in this regard.  These other organisation cannot leave the Zimbabwean Crisis to SADC alone.  SADC is in need of help with respect to the Zimbabwean Crisis,” reads the petition.

The other demands are that “all the Reforms and Electoral Reforms to have been implemented at the latest 3 months before the election date”.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and the Judiciary to be completely removed from this election process,” said Chief Ndiweni.

Should the call not be heeded Chief Ndiweni says SADC should suspend the ruling party from the regional body.

“SADC not to recognise the Zanu PF government, SADC to break diplomatic relations with the Zanu PF government, SADC to freeze all assets and resources of the Zanu PF government in SADC, SADC to contain the Zanu PF government, just as the West African body ECOWAS contains member States with issues.

He added, “African Union not to recognise the Zanu PF government, EU not to recognise the Zanu PF government and the Commonwealth of Nations not to readmit the Zanu PF government into the organisation”.

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