Chief Ndiweni installs four headmen

Ntabazinduna Chief, Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni, has installed four new headmen in response to the growing population under his jurisdiction and to deal with cases of illegal selling of stands.

The new headmen are Scotch Ncube, Masotcha Mguni, Howard Phangwana and Smiso Khumalo. 

In a letter addressed to the Provincial Development Coordinator Matabeleland North and District Development Coordinator, Chief Ndiweni said the population density of Ntabazinduna and the size of villages has increased dramatically and illegal selling of land has also increased requiring a restructuring of the traditional leadership structure in Ntabazinduna so that it can meet these challenges. 

“With effect from the 18th of October 2023, I have installed four new Headmen for Ntabazinduna to begin working immediately. Due to the illegal selling of Land in Ntabazinduna, which is now widespread and basic lawlessness from a certain small group of individuals within the community, the Headmen must begin working immediately,” said Chief Ndiweni. 

He said the matter of illegal selling of land has been reported to the police since 2020 but they have made any arrests or prosecutions.  

“It is the people and community of Ntabazinduna that have been placed at a profound disadvantage by this illegality. This matter has also on many occasions been reported to and highlighted to the various offices. To date, we the people and community of Ntabazinduna have not seen any action to assist us to resolve these illegalities in a meaningful manner.” 

Chief Ndiweni said the new headmen will respect the administrative processes. 

“Three out of the four named new Headmen are already Village Heads of many years known to your office. Hence the administrative process there is straightforward. Likewise with the other new Headman who is not a Village Head he is of good standing and has worked with schools and the government for many years, thus making his process straightforward,” he said. 

“Meaning that for the four new headmen, there is no reasonable argument for them not to start working immediately. Should anything untoward be raised about a particular individual, that can be addressed. However, what cannot be allowed, is for the current situation to continue placing the innocent people and community of Ntabazinduna at a loss and profound disadvantage.” 

He said the headmen have been assigned their areas of jurisdiction and have already begun working. 

“The community of Ntabazinduna has already been publicly informed in this regard.” 

Chief Ndiweni said Masotch Mguni’s new area of jurisdiction is Dhiba, Mafanisa, Mgiqwa, and Gondeni. 

“Scotch Ncube is the new substantive Headman of the peri-urban plot area around Ntabazinduna mountain. Politically it is Ward 7, however, traditionally it has always been under Ntabazinduna and records show that to be the case.” 

He said Howard Phangwana is the new substantive Headman of Mbelesini, Mahaja, Nana, Fanyana, Mabutweni and Gadadewhile Smiso Khumalo is the new substantive Headman of Kahyisa line, Khayisa Line Extension (To be renamed), Township, Luthi A, Luthi B, Jabulan, Tokozan and Sigodini. 

“This is now the new Headman-ship structure of Ntabazinduna. However, it is reasonable to expect more new Village Heads to be appointed and more new Headmen to be appointed so that the needs of the people and community of Ntabazinduna can be attained. The illegal selling of land in Ntabazinduna has prompted this overhaul and the views of the people of Ntabazinduna must be respected,” said Chief Ndiweni.

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