Chief Mathema evicts ‘illegal’ villager

Chief Mathema of Gwanda has banished a villager from the area claiming he had allocated himself a piece of land without the authority of the traditional leader.

Charles Chinaka, 55 who has been settled in Mzingwane village since 1990 was served with an eviction order by Chief Mathema in September last year but he so far refused to budge.

An eviction order in the hands of CITE which is dated September 4, 2018 states Chinaka should vacate the place with immediate effect failure to which would lead to “unpleasant consequences”.

“It has come to Chief Khulumani Mathema’s attention that you built a home without having granted permission by the chief of the area,” read part of the eviction letter.

“The chief is, therefore, expecting you to demolish that illegal home, pack your possessions and go back to your place of origin with immediate effect.

“Please note that this is the final order. If you do not pay note to this order, unpleasant measures will be taken against you.”

When contacted for a comment Chinaka said he has been living in the area since 1990 and has a family there.

“I received the letter from the chief last year but l am not leaving. My family is here in Mtshabezi,” said an adamant Chinaka.

Contacted for comment, Chief Mathema confirmed writing the letter stating that he was acting within his power as chief.

“I am the one in charge of that area. The Traditional Leaders Act allows me to expel him from my area.

Mathema said Chinaka built his home without following the proper procedure.

“When one wants to build a home, he first goes to the kraal head who then brings the person to me and I give them permission to do so.

“Chinaka did not follow that protocol. I did not give him any authority to do so.

He said he has since handed the matter to the police to enforce the eviction order.

“The matter went through the courts and the police are finalising the eviction. There is order in that place and that order has to be maintained,” said Chief Mathema.

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