Chaos as ‘soldier’ goes beserk in property dispute

There was drama Thursday afternoon in Bulawayo’s Luveve 5 suburb when a middle-aged woman, Abigail Ndlovu, believed to be a soldier went berserk in full view of residents axed and destroyed doors, window panes and frames of a house currently occupied by Ema Sibanda and her family.

Ndlovu claims she bought the house but Sibanda, a 65-year-old widow, is refusing to vacate the premises.

According to Sibanda and her neighbours, that was not the first time Ndlovu had acted in that manner as she is said to have come earlier on and axed four doors, leaving Sibanda and her family in the open.

Neighbours had to chip in and donate some doors to the family.

While police are said not to have taken any action following the first incident, yesterday, they had to be called to intervene.

Out of anger, Sibanda’s two daughters, aged 35 and 28 attacked Ndlovu in front of police officers at Luveve Police Station, leading to their immediate arrest and spending the night in police cells.

Sibanda is on the brink of losing her seven-roomed house after her brother-in-law allegedly connived with a friend and secretly sold it to a soldier who now wants her out of the premises.

Narrating her ordeal to CITE Friday Sibanda, said her husband, Samuel Dube who had four wives including herself, died in 2014 and left her the house, house number 5959 Luveve 5.

One of the surviving wives is living in Nkayi in rural areas.

Sibanda said while the house in question is said to have been sold in 2018 by her husband’s young brother, Noel Dube, for ZWL$ 24, 000 to one Abigail Ndlovu, a military person, she only got to know about the transaction in 2020 when Ndlovu came wanting to occupy the premises.

All that happened while the property, which is registered under her husband’s name, was in the process of being transferred to her name as the spouse.

When approached by Ndlovu, Sibanda refused to vacate the house and insisted that it was hers and the issue has since spilled to the High Court with a ruling on the matter set for next week.

“The problem that I have here is that my husband passed away and left me in this house with children but his young brother then sold the house without my knowledge,” said Sibanda.

“I then some came to me to say they have bought the house and when I asked her who sold it to her, she said it was Noel Dube and Mafuka. I said this house was never on sale because I am still occupying but she insisted that the house had been sold.”

She swore that she would not leave the house no matter what happens insisting she was ready to die there.

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