CFT: Independence Day overshadowed by economic woes

The opposition Congress for Transformation (CFT) party has expressed mixed emotions regarding Zimbabwe’s 44th Independence Day celebrations.

While congratulating Zimbabweans on the anniversary, the CFT acknowledges the historical significance of April 18th, 1980. However, the party laments that the day has lost some of its lustre.

“The CFT wishes to congratulate Zimbabweans on yet another anniversary of the country’s independence from colonial rule in 1980,” the statement reads. “April 18th, with the weight of history it carries, was supposed to be a major day of celebration.”

CFT argued that the initial promise of independence has not been fully realised due to ongoing economic hardship and political repression under the ruling ZANU-PF party.

“The day lost its significance at the very beginning of independence,” the statement continues. “It has become clear that the oppressive white colonial regime of the Rhodesians was simply replaced by another oppressive regime, this time black.”

CFT accused the ZANU-PF government of neglecting its duties and turning the state into a “personal fiefdom” where impunity reigns. They criticised the government for failing to prioritise its constitutional obligations and tolerating human rights abuses.

“These leaders seem to believe they are above reproach,” the statement says, bemoaning the “serious” human rights violations that have occurred.

The opposition party further criticised the government for fostering division and ethnic segregation, hindering social cohesion and development. Additionally, they point to policy inconsistencies and economic mismanagement as factors that have hampered Zimbabwe’s growth.

“This is evident in economic policies that are detrimental to development and irrelevant to the needs of the people,” the CFT argues.

The party also criticised the government’s handling of the economy, mentioning the decline of the Zimbabwean currency and the introduction of various unsustainable monetary regimes.

“We have been grappling with a failed economy for decades,” the CFT asserted. “The country lost its own currency, and the fiscal authorities have implemented dubious currency regimes, from agri-bonds and bond notes to the latest RTGS dollar, supposedly backed by non-existent gold reserves that are being looted and smuggled.”

The CFT urged Zimbabweans to use Independence Day as an opportunity to reflect on the nation’s shortcomings since independence and chart a new course. They emphasised the need to pursue true freedom, economic prosperity, and social and political development.

“Independence Day is a time to remember that we have yet to achieve true freedom,” the statement concluded. “We must dedicate ourselves to fulfilling the goals and aspirations of the 1950s independence struggle.”

The CFT called for a return to the values of fairness, justice, equality, and freedom, honouring those who sacrificed for independence. They advocate for a strong foundation of constitutionalism and respect for human rights.

The party also urged citizens to fight against corruption and hold perpetrators accountable, while also wishing everyone a peaceful Independence Day commemoration.

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