CCC to consult citizens on parly, council participation

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has announced plans to consult citizens on their continued participation in parliament and local authorities.

This decision comes after the party faced pressure to withdraw from parliament following the barring of their recalled MPs from contesting in the recent by-elections.

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday in Harare on the resolutions of the Citizens National Assembly (CNA), CCC spokesperson Promise Mkhwananzi said the assembly does not recognise the conduct and outcome of the December 9 by-elections. 

“The assembly further noted the onslaught on the will of people of Zimbabwe by the ZANU-PF regime and the continued abuse of the state institutions such as parliament, Zimbabwe Election Commission and subverting the electoral processes,” he said. 

He said the assembly resolved to demand a stop on the unlawful by-elections. 

“The assembly resolved to demand that the government must stop wasteful expenditure including unlawful by-elections and redirect resources to the pressing needs of the citizens and particularly the dilapidated health care system,” said Mkhwananzi. 

“The assembly resolved not to recognize the unlawful conduct and outcome of the December 9 by-elections and direct the appropriate bills to seek the setting aside of the charant.” 

Mkhwananzi further reiterated that the party has barred Sengezo Tshabangu from using the property of the party. 

“The CNA reiterates that Tshabangu is not a member or the Secretary General; of the party and the party has no such position and resolved to bar him from using the party symbol, brand, the logo and any other property of the party,” he said. 

He added, “The assembly resolved to further consult with the citizens on the party’s continued participation in parliament and local authorities.” 

“As those consultations are underway there are programs and processes that are going to be unveiled which are going to compliment or ogument the parliamentary process. We have various sites of struggles, We are fighting in the courts, yes there are issues, people might talk about the compromise of the judiciary but we feel that it’s important to produce that body of evidence of the compromised state of our courts so that everybody can know and continue to pile pressure on the need for the necessary reforms to straighten up institutions including the judiciary, Zimbabwe electoral commission and others,” said Mkhwananzi. 


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