CCC to conduct lifestyle audit for its elected officials

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) national deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba has stated that the party plans to undertake a lifestyle audit for its candidates who will enter public office after the August 23 election.

Siziba made these remarks while canvassing for votes as an aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) at a constituency rally in Pelandaba-Tshabalala over the weekend.

Other party candidates, including prospective MPs, councillors, and those on quota lists, also joined in the rally.

“Once we go to Parliament, we don’t want to see our MPs changing their body size or going around holding long sticks when greeting people, which is why we will have lifestyle audit for all our public officials,” Siziba said, adding that CCC will not allow its MPs to develop potbellies within assuming power.

According to the prospective MP, officials who want to become millionaires should enter the private sector and start firms like Strive Masiyiwa.

“We are not going to allow a situation whereby you hear that Siziba who stays in Tshabalala after going to Parliament will now be staying in Borrowdale and driving four cars. If you want to make money, go to the private sector, don’t steal public funds,” he said and asked the electorate in Pelandaba-Tshabalala constituency to vote for CCC as the ruling party has failed to run the country.

“The first thing we want to fix is the legislative arm of this country. You know that for the past 43 years, most of the MPs were ‘Missing Persons.’ Perhaps they thought that MP means missing person, which is why most of them were never seen in Parliament,” said Siziba who claimedCCC was ready to go to Parliament and make laws that hold the Executive to account.

“That is why Zanu PF could steal people’s money without accountability. The role of Parliament is to hold the Executive to account, to oversee how the president and the cabinet work, that is the first thing we will fix. The second thing we want to fix is to have MPs who stay with people. We want MPs who represent the people. We want councilors who come and stay with the people. We don’t want visitors in the constituency or in the ward.”

Siziba added that a CCC government would make sure that representatives do represent the people.

“There are some people for the past 43 years who have never said anything in Parliament. Even if they don’t know any issues they should at least cough as that is also captured in the Hansard,” he joked.

Meanwhile, Siziba stated that CCC hopes to turn its political majority at rallies and public gatherings into an electoral triumph this year, asking their supporters to vote for them.

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