CCC targets clean sweep in Bulilima by-elections

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is targeting to garner 1200 votes in the upcoming Ward 1, Bulilima East by-election.

The ward which covers six villages has 1400 registered voters.

At a campaign rally held in Gato village on Wednesday, CCC party member Thokozani Khuphe said they are confident of victory.

“Our target is 1200 votes because voters here are 1400 in ward 1, others will get 200 while we would have scooped 1 200 votes, this will make Nelson Chamisa go to State House in 2023. We want the State House to be yellow, we want Parliament to be yellow, local authorities to be yellow, we want the whole of Zimbabwe to be yellow, yellow represents Gold and gold is money and money is life. For your lives to change, the economic situation has to change,” Khuphe told party supporters.

She said the party’s aspiring candidate, Ephraim Moyo is going to be the foundation of the party as they are heading to the 2023 elections.

Khuphe implored party members to encourage their family members to register to vote.

“The other thing that is important is to encourage our children who are 18 years and above to register to vote, we were checking the voters’ roll and most children above 18 are not registered, from here go to your households and ensure that everyone is a registered voter by so doing it will allow us to get the six million votes we want in 2023,” she said.

“If we get six million votes, Nelson Chamisa will definitely go to the Statehouse there is no doubt about it, if we are to win, we want to get two million votes and above so that the ruling party will accept the defeat but if you win by 200 votes they will rig the results.”

Meanwhile, the aspiring councillor, Ephraim Moyo described himself as a humble servant who will work on addressing Gato village development issues.

“The road network is deplorable, there is no medication in clinics, infrastructure is not up to standard,” said Moyo.

He said the youth need to be pushed to participate in electoral processes.

“Our people are not well informed on the purpose to register to vote, they think voting is just fulfilling something, they don’t know the purpose thus why ZEC has to educate people on why they should vote, ZEC is not doing enough on those issues,” he said.

Moyo said they are currently doing rallies and door-to-door campaigns, “there is no doubt that I am going to be the councillor on the 3rd of September.”

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