CCC spells out conditions for candidates

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has outlined qualities for suitable candidates who wish to represent the party in the upcoming general elections.

The main opposition party has insisted that its candidates will be chosen by ordinary citizens instead of subjecting them to primary elections.

The ruling party, Zanu PF, on the other hand, conducted its primary elections over the weekend with results still trickling in.

In a tweet, Chamisa said, “Citizens shall choose the best in terms of integrity, honour, merit, capacity, accountability, accessibility and visibility”.

Chamisa added: “In line with the request from you the citizens, we are putting emphasis on your participation and choices. Where there are ties between candidates, citizens will be expected to decide on their own the best candidate.”

This comes after the party produced a document titled, ‘Citizens And Community Consensus Candidate Selection Procedures’ that spells out the requirements for all party candidates.

Candidates will be subjected to aptitude tests to ascertain their suitability for the positions they are running for.

“Zimbabwe is no exception to the increased global sentiment for citizen inclusion and leadership accountability in all governance spheres,” the document read in part.

“In response to this growing sentiment, the citizens’ movement seeks to present candidates that are a product of broad citizen consultations and inclusion in an effort to entrench the new culture of citizen engagement, participatory democracy and democratic accountability.”

President Mnangagwa is yet to declare the election date with indications that the polls are likely to be in August.

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