CCC MP candidate for Nketa to push for laws against deindustrialisation

The Citizens Coalition Candidate for Change (CCC) candidate for Nketa Constituency, Obert Manduna, has a lofty goal to push for laws prohibiting deindustrialisation in Bulawayo once he is in Parliament to protect jobs that are already available in the city.

In order to revive Bulawayo’s economy and provide more jobs for the unemployed, Manduna said he will also advocate for investor-friendly policies to promote partnerships.

“I promise the people of Nketa to push for the formulation of laws that protect against deindustrialisation and relocation of industries in Bulawayo,”  Manduna said in an interview with CITE.

“Among the three deliverables of MPs, I have promised the people of Nketa 7 that I’m going to take their concerns to Parliament and also come back to them to report what would have been said in terms of legislative amendments.”

The aspiring MP said it was both worrying and disturbing that residents continued witnessing the relocation of companies from Bulawayo to other cities, even those that were headquartered here.

“This has led to massive unemployment in the city and by extension in Nketa and other constituencies in Bulawayo,” he said. 

Manduna noted that Bulawayo used to have large manufacturing companies like Merlin that exported its towels and napkins to other European countries, while also meeting domestic demand.

“This is no longer the case. Bulawayo is now a pale shadow of itself. We used to have National Blankets, G and D shoes, and Cold Storage Company (CSC). ZECO Holdings that were highly productive but there is nothing to talk about now. This is very worrisome and why I am going to push for laws that protect, promote re-industrialisation and retooling of our industry through the attraction of investors and partnerships,” said the aspiring MP. 

He noted that while Zimbabwe’s economy was based on the informal sector, it was unsustainable due to the country’s economic insecurity. 

“It is very critical and fundamental to note that I’m representing a God-fearing movement led by a God-fearing leader in Advocate Nelson Chamisa. CCC is God-driven and is citizens driven because we place the citizens at the centre, which is why we have to come up with income-generating projects to cushion citizens from the ailing economy.”

Manduna said formulation of safety nets to protect the less privileged and vulnerable groups of the society was essential.

“These safety nets will in turn protect child-headed families and orphans in my constituency,” he said. 

In relation to development projects in Nketa, Manduna stated he would advocate for more sporting activities in the area in order to combat drug abuse and lower crime rates.

“We also need more clinics because unfortunately we have one clinic in the constituency and that is Nketa Clinic. I will call for a clinic in each and Nketa’s three wards in the constituency that will cater for its catchment area and make sure citizens don’t move long distances to access medical attention,” he said.

Manduna said such challenges would have been solved if the government had implemented devolution.

“This is a critical issue that we as MPs have to fight for. Not much has been done in terms of devolution yet the government claims to disburse funds. The government has not done much in its mandate to promote devolution and implement it in the country as a whole,” he said, adding that should he be elected, he would form a Constituency Development Committee made up of community leaders.

“When the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) becomes available, the Constituency  Development Committee that represents all Nketa’s three wards will consult and decide what projects to implement so that the CDF is fully channelled towards the development of projects in the constituency.”

Manduna also pledged radical reform in the Nketa education system by seeking partners to equip schools with textbooks, furniture and provide teacher incentives.

“Maybe going forward we can also talk about creating vocational colleges in the constituency. I realize there are not many or zero vocational colleges in the constituency. These are promises that I am making to the people of Nketa constituency, as our vision as CCC of having a new great Zimbabwe anchored on freedom and democracy,” said the aspiring MP.

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