CCC deploys election agents

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is finalising the deployment of its election agents in different polling stations ahead of the by-elections to be held on Saturday.

Speaking on, This Morning on Asakhe, Monday, CCC Deputy Spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba said the deployment of the agents is a critical issue for the party.

“In terms of our by-election preparedness, we are just finishing some of our deployment of agents, it’s a critical issue for us, I think it’s going to be for me a determining factor of our capacity to participate in the election,” said Siziba.

“Remember we said the by-election is not just the test of the capacity of the commission to hold elections but also our own internal capacity to participate in the plebiscite, so we are just finishing today the deployment of agents with the intention to make sure that there is no place that is left without an agent.”

Siziba said that they are also working on their second layer of deployment of the double agents so that they have a full proof system.

He added that they have received information that some voters in some areas have been struck off the voters’ roll and they are investigating the matter.

“Of course there are challenges, we got revelations about ZANU organizing to deploy the military with ZANU-PF regalia, we had not yet accessed what is the political objective.”

“There are also shocking revelations in Chikanga-Dangamvura whereby some people are said to have been struck off the voters roll, so we are also going to be testing the credibility, you know that the voters’ roll is a very topical issue and something that must be looked into by all participants in the election, observers, political parties because its an area of contestation which I think, if not resolved, will make the 2023 election a difficult process for us to participate in,” said Siziba.

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