CCC candidate accuses rival of dirty campaigning tactics

A candidate for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Masvingo’s ward 4 local government by-elections has accused her rival of using dirty campaigning tactics as the issue of double candidacy remains unsolved.

The opposition party fielded two candidates, Thokozile Muchuchuti and Aleck Tabe.

The ward became vacant following the recalling of Godfrey Kurauone who was under the MDC Alliance banner and was recalled by MDC-leader Douglas Mwonzora.

Efforts to rectify the issue of the double candidature by the top party officials have so far hit a snag with candidates adamant to take part in the mini-polls.

In an interview with CITE, Muchuchuti accused Tabe of destroying her campaign material.  

“Everything is going well but my rival Aleck Tabe is sending people to remove my posters,” said Muchuchuti.

Meanwhile, Tabe insisted that he was the official candidate for the party.

“I am the official candidate for ward 4 and we are launching our campaign this Saturday in the ward and CCC leadership is descending to give direction in regard to the matter.”

Tabe said his main focus is doing door-to-door campaigns embarking on visibility programs targeting churches, opinion leaders, the informal sector, and flea markets.

He,however, said that he is encountering challenges with law enforcement agents who are intimidating them.

“A few days back I was doing a door-to-door campaign to my surprise riot police was deployed to monitor our movements but ZANU-PF is free to hold their meetings without police clearance, doing car roadshows. There is a lot of intimidation from law and enforcement agents,” said Tabe.

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