CCC Bulawayo party offices repainted blue, as youths claim to be waiting for Chamisa’s signal

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party offices in Bulawayo were repainted blue while a portrait of former party leader Nelson Chamisa was also put up, fueling suspicion that this was the colour of Chamisa’s upcoming political party.

When CITE arrived at the site, several youths who were finishing up paint work at the Getrude Mthombeni House, having begun the night before, said the blue colour resembled the limitless sky.

“The sky is the limit,” said one of the youths, Bongani Nkomo who claimed they were also reigning from the party to follow Chamisa.

“We came here to put our record straight to the whole world that we as the young people residing in Bulawayo have officially resigned from the so called CCC because our leader Nelson Chamisa has already resigned from that party. Chamisa left the party peacefully so we are following his steps peacefully.” 

Nkomo added: “We chose blue because the sky is blue. We honour the colour blue because the sky is blue and chose it out of all the colours. We all come from heaven and we will all go to heaven.”

The Getrude Mthombeni House, which houses the opposition party, has been repainted multiple times, from red when it still housed the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to yellow under the CCC and now to blue.

The youths who unveiled the new colours sang and danced to songs, praising Chamisa as their leader, also pointing to Chamisa’s portrait where he was wearing a blue suit with a yellow tie.

 “We are waiting for the signal from Advocate Nelson Chamisa who is our own principal. He is the one and only president we know. This is why we have come here to officially resign,” said Brian Gumbo, one of the youths who was in the forefront.

When asked if there would be any confrontations over the building because it had previously belonged to CCC, Nkomo said there would be none.

“We can’t say much about the building as youths but what we can tell you is there were no conflicts or issues. We just came here to have a venue where we can tell the world that we are resigning. This is the centre of our province,” Nkomo said.

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