Cancer patient seeks US$800 for operation

By Ndumiso Tshuma

A 53-year-old woman, Sitshengisiwe Mazula Gumbo, was discharged from United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) over the weekend due to a lack of funds needed to continue with her cervical cancer operation.

Gumbo, who resides in Ntabazinduna and is staying with her sister, is now appealing for financial assistance to cover the required costs.

According to Gumbo’s daughter, Beatrice Nkomo, the family had already paid US$25 for blood tests required by the hospital upon her mother’s admission. However, Gumbo was then transferred to another unit at the hospital for an echo test which required an additional US$800.

“When she was admitted, we had to pay for four kidney blood tests that the hospital said they needed in cash. The first two tests cost US$25, and the other two cost US$50,” said Nkomo.

Nkomo explained that despite their efforts to book the final necessary test, they were informed that the doctor was unavailable due to prior obligations. The hospital indicated that additional blood work and a cash payment of US$800 were necessary before proceeding with the operation.

“The test needed to be done by the hospital is called an echo test, which needs to be booked. When we went to book for the doctor, the hospital said he was not available and was currently operating on another patient. The hospital said that she needs more blood for the operation to proceed and that an amount of US$800 in cash is required,” said Nkomo.

Facing a financial shortfall, the family decided to discharge Gumbo from the hospital on Saturday, knowing that the operation was scheduled for Monday and that they did not have the required funds available.

“The hospital said that if we didn’t have the money, my mother would have to be discharged. She was released by the hospital on Saturday before the operation that was supposed to happen this past Monday. Currently, I do not have the US$800 that the hospital is requiring,” said Nkomo.

She can be contacted at +263717978414 or +263784797064.

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