Call for Interest in converting a ZCA training manual into an interactive digital tool

Assignment Title: Converting a training manual into an interactive digital tool
Location of Assignment: Bulawayo
Reports to:  Project Officer and Programs Coordinator
  1. Background of the Organisation:  

Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) was launched in 2005 as a faith-based organization comprised of existing networks and pastors involved in transformative peace building and developmental initiatives in the country’s ten provinces. The organization has for the past fifteen years been empowering communities with skills on community development and peace building through its church hubs structures (local pastors in the communities).

The organization has 3 strategic pillars, i.e. advocacy, peace building and strategic alliances. These pillars are the backbone on which the organization’s programming is informed. The main objective is to empower communities with community developmental skills. The organization operates in eight provinces of Zimbabwe.

ZCA has been carrying out peace building and development work at both local and national level.  At local level, communities have been equipped to come up with strategies to enforce social cohesion and at national level the organization has provided platforms of engagement for the community with institutions such as the  National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) and the Zimbabwe Human Rights  Commission  (ZHRC).

 Considering the global pandemic of COVID-19, various initiatives are being done online hence the need to develop digital tools that will enable the communities to engage without convening at one place.

Objectives of consultancy:  

  • To convert a training manual into an interactive training digital tool
  • To divide the training manual into audio/video clips according to topics provided for in the training manual.
  • Deliverables for Consultancy:

The organization seeks the services of a consultant/s or a firm that can provide services in producing an interactive digital tool to be used by communities for peace building initiatives.

The Consultant shall produce a Tool that will lead to interactive digital learning and implementation of peace building and development work in the community.  

The Consultant shall produce a digital tool that will enable ZCA members in Masvingo, Lupane, Plumtree and Kezi to effectively implement peace building and development strategies in their communities to enable tolerance and social cohesion.

Therefore, the Consultant must;

  • Divide the training manual into audio/ video segments according to the topics provided for in the manual.
  • There will likely be several rounds of revision of the document; therefore, the consultant shall have an effective means of capturing and reflecting revisions and for handling version control. The consultant shall finalize the Tool as according to the feedback provided by ZCA.

3b.  Duration

Stated below are timelines for the Consultant, upon successful confirmation of engagement.

  1. The Consultant shall produce the first draft within five (10) working days after he/she has been confirmed to be the successful candidate.
  2. The Consultant shall produce the final draft 25th of August 2021.
  • Reporting and Relationship

The consultant shall work closely with the Project Officer and the Projects Coordinator.

  • Patent/Intellectual Property

The produced material shall remain the original work of ZCA. Sufficient material for trademarking the Tool shall be supplied by ZCA.

How to apply:

Please submit Curriculum Vitae and motivational letter clearly addressing the key performance areas highlighted in the advert. All applications must be sent by email to Zimbabwe Christian alliance: by 2nd August   2021 at 1700 hours. Please ensure your email subject clearly reads position applied for.

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