Byo`s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ caught breaking into a car

Mganwini residents, Wednesday, apprehended a suspected male and a female robber while attempting to break into a parked vehicle, immediately drawing parallels with the infamous American criminals Bonnie and Clyde.

Robbery cases are reportedly on the increase in the country due to the debilitating economic situation.

Residents who spoke to CITE said they were woken up in the early hours of Wednesday by a commotion outside and found the couple attempting to break into a car parked in one of the yards.

The residents immediately effected citizens arrest and took the suspects to the police.

“I woke up to the commotion outside at around 1am, and when we went out to investigate, we found some a couple who had been caught trying to break into a car,” said Nokubonga Dube.

“It was saddening to discover that one of the suspects was a woman.”

Dube said the economic hardships being experienced in the country could have the woman to engage in such acts.  

Another resident, Isaac Maphosa said male thieves were now introducing women to criminal activities.

“It is very sad what we experienced here; it is a taboo in our culture for a woman to be jumping over people’s houses at that hour trying to steal.

“Mostly they will be targeting car batteries or even looking for money and other valuables inside people’s cars but today was their bad day because we caught them,” Maphosa said.

He said some robbers were now tailing oMalayitsha who deliver groceries to their customers and would come at night to steal the groceries.  

“We now live in a dangerous community, even when they see a Malayitsha delivering grocery in your house they will come at night with dangerous weapons and break in and rob you of your goods,” said Maphosa.  

Contacted for a comment, police in Bulawayo said they were yet to receive the report.  

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