Byo woman appeals for help to undergo brain surgery

When 56-year-old Sithembiso Makhurane started experiencing headaches, she thought simple painkillers would do the trick.

When the pain persisted, she decided to visit the doctor who prescribed some High Blood Pressure (BP) tablets but her condition got worse.

“From there I went back to the doctor and thus where he referred me to the physician who recommended that I do a scan. From the scan, I went to the neurologist who said I should do a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. The MRI scan is the one that revealed that I have a brain tumour which is atypical and causes swelling in the brain which leads to pain in my left side which needs to be operated,” Makhurane told CITE.

She was diagnosed with Meningioma and needs US$9 000 to travel to India for brain surgery.

Medical experts define Meningioma as a non-cancerous tumour that arises from the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Its symptoms include headache, loss of vision and seizures, amongst other symptoms.

Makhurane said they settled for India as it was the cheaper option.

“The charges are too high, public hospitals such as Mpilo and United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH) have no machines. At Materdei it costs US$11 000 while in South Africa it costs US$20 000 and it’s too much and we cannot afford it. We tried other avenues like India which is US$9 000 including travelling costs,” she said.

“At the moment, whenever I feel pain, I sleep. The condition is on and off, I feel pain mostly on my left-hand side, I feel cramps and some hot flashes.”

In addition, her husband Trust Makhurane said his wife’s situation is deteriorating on a daily basis.

“Years back, she used to complain of headaches and we took it for normal headaches which we treated by taking painkillers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Makhurane’s family has  created a go fund as part of the effort to raise some funds towards the surgery and can be accessed on

Those willing to assist can also contact Sithembiso Makhurane or her husband on +263773519715.

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