Byo woman appeals for assistance to undergo knee op

A Bulawayo woman is appealing for assistance to undergo a knee replacement operation.

The 54-year-old Noma Moyo of Pumula suburb said about R57 000 is needed to carry out the procedure.

Speaking to CITE, Moyo said the charges are beyond her reach as she is no longer in a position to work.  

“I started getting sick around 2016 and I was experiencing a lot of pain on my knee and I lost balance. I decided to go to the hospital and at first, they were saying they are not seeing anything, then after two years they then started saying it’s arthritis, by that time my knee was already damaged,” said Moyo.         

“The x-rays have shown that my knee is now wide open, one can put a hand inside in between the bones, the doctors are saying my knee can no longer move and bend.”

She said she has tried seeking medication for her condition but has failed due to high costs to undergo the operation.

“It’s now difficult to walk, seating is even hard or to even to sleep, I have tried several hospitals but I have failed due to high costs of operation charges. I am supposed to do a knee replacement and the money that is required is out of my reach, I cannot afford and have reached a stage of giving up with the only hope that God will intervene.

“I am in so much pain because I am just seated and I am a bread winner looking after orphans, there is nothing that I can do at the moment I cannot walk, everything is just looking up at me but it’s really difficult for me,” said Moyo.

 Meanwhile, in addition to her condition, Moyo said she has developed gastroesophageal reflux disease.

“I have also developed a reflux, it affects my respiratory system. I struggle to breath, I don’t even know the right medication to get that will help me with it,” she said.

Those willing to assist Moyo can get in touch with her on 0784 024 084.  

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