Byo Town Clerk in court for assault

Bulawayo Town Clerk Christopher Dube is set to appear in court facing allegations of assaulting ousted Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami and Ward 4 councilor Silas Chigora 

The matter was postponed to December 2, 2019 and will proceed by way of summons.

The alleged assault occurred on July 11 at the Town Clerk’s office when Kambarami served Dube with a suspension letter on allegations of criminal abuse of office and corruption.

In light of the incident, Dube filed assault charges against Kambarami and Chigora who were later acquitted by a Bulawayo magistrate.

However, the duo filed a case against Dube on allegations that he physically assaulted them.

Dube’s case failed to commence, Friday, as the magistrate handling the matter is on leave.

It (the case) was postponed to December 2 when the trial is expected to kick off.

According to state papers in possession of CITE, on July 11 at around 2:30pm, Kambarami and Chigora went to Dube’s office at Bulawayo City Hall with a letter suspending him from his duties as Town Clerk.

“During the process, an argument ensued between both parties as Dube resisted to be suspended. Dube started throwing the suspension letter and award trophies at Kambarami,” read the papers. 

“Dube further punched Chigora on his back. The duo did not sustain any injuries from the alleged assault hence they did not seek medical attention.”

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