Byo residents commend BCC toilets policy

Bulawayo residents have commended the Bulawayo City Council’s (BCC) move to craft a policy that is meant to deal with residents who construct or occupy houses and churches without ablution services.

This comes after the local authority said that it was concerned with residents that are illegally occupying houses without functioning toilets.

Speaking at the recent full council meeting earlier this month, Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Councilor Tinashe Kambarami said no one should be allowed to start constructing any structure without toilets.

“I am concerned about fouling that is happening at unfinished houses in Mahatshula, Selborne Park and Emhlangeni. Caretakers on those properties do not have proper toilets,” said Cllr Kambarami

In response, the Bulawayo Residents’ Association (BURA) chairperson, Winos Dube and his counterpart from Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) Organizing Secretary Ambrose Sibindi said the move will protect residents from diseases.

“Currently we are faced with challenges with the so-called contractors at Phelandaba West and Cowdray Park (Hlalani Kuhle) were residents in those areas do not have proper sanitation,” said Sibindi.

“Residents in those two areas have gone to an extent of building pit latrine, a move that is not compatible with the city council By-Laws.”

BURA chairperson Dube concurred with Sibindi saying that the move might sound painful to some residents but it is a necessary evil.

“As residents we have to be objective and support the council were its necessary because the law is very clear, no one should construct a building where there is no water connection.”

Sibindi went on to say that the move would also help to protect the environment.

“How do you protect the environment when people are relieving themselves in the bushes because they do not have proper sanitation,” he said.

“The situation is even worse when it comes to churches because there are so many churches that operate under trees and those people are contaminating the environment.”


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