Byo police hunt for Njube teacher

Police in Bulawayo are looking for Njube High School teacher, Brian Mutsiba, alleged to have led learners to protest against teachers’ working conditions, Monday.

The police allege Mutsiba incited over 153 Forms One, Three and Six learners to partake in an “unlawful demonstration.”

Mutsiba, a former prison officer, is accused of participating in a public gathering with the intent to promote public violence, breach of peace or bigotry and for insulting the flag.

According to a statement from the police, Mutsiba removed the portrait of President of Zimbabwe from the staff room and went on to un-hoist the national flag from its mast before he exited the school gate with the students he had mobilised for the unsanctioned march.

“The children who had participated in the demonstration voluntarily came into the open about their participation. They were invited to write reasons for their participation in the demonstration,” read the statement.

“The fees have been hiked from $92-00 to $440-00, the teachers are earning low salaries, teachers not attending lessons, beneficiaries of the BEAM programme being made to pay half of the fees and the general high cost of living.”

The statement further states that upon returning to the school campus, one of the pupils who had participated in the march hoisted back the flag.

“The children went back to their classes. The accused disappeared from the school upon arrival from the march. ZRP Njube attended the scene and called the pupils to assembly.”

The scene was attended by the Officer Commanding Bulawayo West District, Chief Superintendent Bizeki, members from the presidents office, military intelligence, prison intelligence and members of different media houses.

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