Byo police go after drug peddlers

Police in Bulawayo, Monday, launched a campaign against drug abuse, warning that those found in possession or under the influence of illicit drugs will be immediately arrested.

The launch was held at the Flyover along Luveve road where a roadblock was mounted and police officers with the assistance of sniffer dogs stopped and searched vehicles headed to and from the city centre.

Passengers were also made to disembark from the vehicles and were thoroughly searched.

The police discovered marijuana seeds and bottles of cough syrup from one commuter omnibus allegedly discarded by some passengers who feared arrest.

Speaking during the campaign, Tswagai Fikile Marovatsanga representing the Minister of State for Bulawayo province Judith Ncube said drug abuse was now rampant in the city.

“We are here to campaign against drug abuse which is happening in Bulawayo, we are now worried so the police came to campaign against drug abuse, encouraging people to report to the police when children are using drugs. Drugs are dangerous, our society is perishing, and we have now realised that our children won’t have a future when they are using drugs,” said Marovatsanga.

She appealed to residents to report all those who are using drugs and assured the public that police won’t reveal whistle-blowers.

“We are only trying to protect children from using drugs. We are even appealing to families to take even those they know within families to the police to get help and rehabilitation. If people hide drug users it would affect the whole clan as this means even their siblings will end up using drugs,” she said.

Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said the operation is there as a launch to warn members of the public against drug abuse.

“We have been stopping motorists both public and private vehicles carrying out some campaigns, telling people that drugs are threatening to destroy the lives of our children, youths and our future, so as Bulawayo lets join the country, the world in the fight against drugs,” said Inspector Ncube.

He invited all stakeholders to join hands with the police in the fight against drugs.

“In this instance, we are saying anyone who will be found smoking or under the influence of drugs will be arrested and the objective will be to find the drug lord and the supplier,” warned Assistant Inspector Ncube.

Jason Chikusure, a resident from Cowdray Park applauded the campaign and urged the police to extend it to different suburbs.

“They should even go to suburbs and every corner because when it’s conducted on the road like this, residents will be giving each other tips of where the police are, but we are appealing to them to even go to different suburbs and even go to public bars,” said Chikusure.

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