Byo man threatens wife with gun

A Bulawayo man has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife and brandishing a gun, threatening to kill her following a dispute.

Leonard Ndlovu, whose age was not disclosed, had a quarrel with his wife Thabisile on the evening of November 24 where he allegedly assaulted her, pushed her down a flight of stairs in their home in Suburbs before he pointed her with a gun threatening to shoot her.

Ndlovu’s date to appear in court is yet to be announced where he will be facing charges of domestic violence (physical abuse) and threatening to commit murder.

According to State papers seen by CITE, Ndlovu, arrived home late in the evening and engaged in an argument with his wife Thabisile.

The State alleges that Ndlovu took his wife’s cell phones, assaulted her all over the body with a sweeping broom, locked all the doors in the house and pointed a gun at her threatening to end her life.

“Ndlovu arrived home and took Thabisile’s cell phones and when she asked why he was acting in such a manner, Ndlovu assaulted her using a sweeping broom all over the body and also pushed her down the staircase,” the papers read.

“He locked all the house doors and pointed a pistol, threatening to kill her. Thabisile made a police report and was referred to hospital for medical attention.”

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