Byo man arrested for concealing daughter’s cause of death

A 47-year-old man from Northend, Bulawayo, has been arrested for trying to conceal the cause of death of his six-year-old daughter who was allegedly abused by her stepmother.

 The suspect is David Zhou while his wife Priscilla Muchape aged 33 years is still at large.

 Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and said the now deceased and his elder sister aged 8 years were staying with their father and stepmother.

“On the 26th of May 2023, the now deceased and her elder sister were awakened by their stepmother Priscilla Muchape during the night to go to the toilet. The now-deceased refused to wake up and this angered their stepmother who assaulted her with open hands, kicking her stomach and pushed her against the wall. The now deceased collapsed after screaming once which prompted the father to wake up from the bedroom where he was sleeping,” said Inspector Ncube.

 Insector Ncube said Zhou tried to render first aid but to no avail. 

“They then hired a motor vehicle and quickly ferried the now deceased to United Bulawayo Hospitals. Upon arrival at the hospital the father lied to the medical personnel that the now deceased was an epileptic patient who suffered from severe fits, she collapsed and hit her head against the wall under severe seizures of fits.”

Inspector Ncube said a post-mortem was done on the 29th of May 2023 and the results indicated that the cause of death was natural as the child suffered brain injury. 

“The body of the now deceased had multiple injuries, a fresh cut on the left ear, legs, feet and a swollen head. Investigations revealed that the now deceased was not epileptic instead the injuries she suffered were due to abuse by her stepmother,” he said.

Meanwhile, in another similar incident, Police have arrested five suspects linked to the murder of Wilfred Maderera (28), who was fatally stabbed with a broken bottle.

The five are Eric Ngonidzashe Jena (29), Ayanda Ncube (20), Marvellous Ncube (32) and Brighton Gwala (25) all from Pumula North.

“On the 2nd of June 2023 at around 2230 hours, the now deceased and the accused persons were drinking beer at a sports Bar in Pumula North, Bulawayo. The now-deceased mistakenly spilled Eric Ngonidzashe Jena’s beer. This did not go well with the accused persons and a misunderstanding ensued which resulted in a fistfight between the now deceased and the accused persons,” said Inspector Ncube.

He said the security guard pushed them outside the bar and the fight continued.

“Eric Ngonidzashe Jena stabbed the now deceased with an unknown object thrice on

the neck and he fell down bleeding profusely from the sustained injuries. The ambulance was summoned and they pronounced him dead upon their arrival.”

The police spokesperson said a police report was made leading to the arrest of Eric Ngonidzashe Jena. 

“The other three accused persons were arrested after police received information on their whereabouts the following day,” he said.

Inspector Ncube warned members of the public not to cover up for crimes no matter how good the relationship is and to not put the law into their own hands but try to find amicable ways to solve their problems when under the influence of alcohol so as to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.

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