Byo man appeals for help to rebuild after home gutted by fire 

A 44-year-old Bulawayo man who lost all his property when his seven-roomed house was gutted down by fire in March this year is appealing for assistance to rebuild his home.

Nkululeko Ndlovu, of Luveve 5 suburb and his family are temporarily staying at his pastor’s family house in Lobengula West following the unfortunate incident six months ago.

He said when the house was burnt, nothing was recovered, adding his life changed for the worst as he lost his musical instruments he had been dealing in as a source of his income.

“On March 27 in the morning while we were preparing to go to church around 7:30 am we encountered fire in the sitting room,” Ndlovu told CITE.

“Our neighbours then came out in their numbers, connected hosepipes while some brought water buckets to help us put out the fire. However, the fire was so big and moved along power lines.”

Ndlovu said the fire was a great blow to the family.

“We could not remove anything from the house, everything was burnt including the machines that I had been using to earn a living. Nothing could be retrieved from the house. What I am wearing is what was donated to me by people.”

He appealed for assistance from well-wishers for him to recover from the devastating loss.

“We need assistance to roof this house again,” he said.

“We also need doors and window panes so this house can be habitable. The roof is the most urgent of all things so that children can come back home because as it stands right now, they are asking as to when are we going to return here when I also do not know how to respond to that.”

He further pleaded: “I plead with the people of Bulawayo and Zimbabweans at large to help us especially those who own big and small businesses as well as ordinary well-wishers. There are so many things that are needed here which include bags of cement, trusses, roofing sheets or tiles which were there before and doors since they were all burnt down, window panes since they were also burnt, even the chambers they burst. All that was left is this shell.”

Ndlovu said those who would like to come to his rescue should contact him on 0775 168 006.

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