Byo East uses CDF to drill boreholes

Bulawayo East legislator Illos Nyoni has revealed that they have used their Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to drill three boreholes to ease water challenges in the area.

The water situation in the city continues to worsen with the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) decommissioning Umzingwane dam last week due to low water levels.

Nyoni said their allocation of ZWL$10 million was used to drill three boreholes in Mahatshula and Queenspark East suburbs and at John Slaven school.

“After consultation with community leaders, it was resolved that 2022 CDF should be used to drill boreholes. The reason being that there was erratic water supply and the community boreholes would assist to alleviate the problem when taps run dry,’’ Nyoni said.

The three boreholes are waiting for pumps to be fitted in order to complete the process.

“I will be commissioning the project in about a few weeks to come although there are other projects that we have done around the constituency but this time we prioritised water provision due to the bad water situation,’’ he said 

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