Byo councillors call for the eviction of Ngozi Mine settlers

Bulawayo councillors have called for the eviction of illegal settlers at the Richmond landfill site popularly known as Ngozi Mine accusing them of starting open fires which not only cost the council a lot of money but are also a health hazard to surrounding suburbs.

This came out during a recent meeting of the Health, housing, and Education committee on landfill management.

According to the latest council minutes, lack of equipment is affecting operations at the landfill with the landfill compactor, dozer, and front-end loader having been off the road for over a year.

Discussing the matter, Councillor Felix Mhaka said the council should evict all the landfill site settlers.

“Relevant by-laws should be enforced to protect the landfill site,” he said.

Ward 17 councillor Sikhululekile Moyo said landfill site (Ngozi Mine) settlers should be engaged on the dangers of fires.

“The fire at the landfill site is costing the council a lot of money and is a health hazard to the nearby communities,” said Cllr Moyo.

Deputy Mayor Mlandu Ncube said most of the Cowdray Park residents were affected by the smoke from the fires emanating from the landfill site adding the council had since paid a fine to Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

“He suggested that a perimeter fence be erected at the landfill site and all the nearby illegal settlers be evicted.” read the minutes.

In response to the various concerns, the Senior Health Divisional Officer said the ideal landfill site should be barricaded and no one besides staff members should be allowed in.

“There is no settlement which is allowed near the landfill. In an ideal landfill site, refuse is dumped, spread covered, and compacted. A lot of equipment is needed. Currently, Council does not have adequate plant equipment,” read the minutes.

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