‘Bogus’ CIO to reappear in court

A troublesome Bulawayo man who allegedly masqueraded as a top Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) officer and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s close aide will reappear in court Wednesday.

The suspect, Henessy Dube, allegedly duped Ingwebu Breweries of $1 200 and 375 litres of diesel after using his fake credentials to help the company recover money from its debtors.

The court heard Dube met Ingwebu Breweries Managing Director, Dumisani Mhlanga and identified himself as CIO Director of Operations before producing a fake CIO identity card.

According to the State, Dube is no stranger to the courts with cases of impersonating characters, as he was previously convicted of masquerading as a doctor at Mpilo Hospital for six months.

He also stole his brother’s identity card and academic certificates that he used to apply for a teaching post, which he attained at Tsholotsho.

In his latest crime, Dube pleaded guilty to charges of fraud, impersonating a public officer and making false statements to deceive a registration officer.

But during mitigation, Dube said he had been acting under the instructions of former cabinet ministers, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Happyton Bonyongwe, Saviour Kasukuwere, Obert Mpofu and Ignatious Chombo.

Bulawayo magistrate, Shepherd Mnjanja, ordered Dube to be evaluated by two psychiatrists, who certified he was fit to stand trial.

Since Dube claimed he was acting under instruction, the magistrate altered his plea from guilty to non-guilty and postponed the matter to Wednesday for trial.

State representative, Leonard Chile, alleged that in May last year, Dube visited Ingwebu Breweries head offices where he met the managing director and claimed he was part of President Mnangagwa’s close security aides who were in Bulawayo for the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

Chile said at the time, Ingwebu was facing operational challenges, some emanating from failure by debtors to settle their debts.

“Dube indicated to Mhlanga that he had information pertaining to the ill-treatment of workers and war veterans by the management including the impending retrenchment of workers. He told Mhlanga (the managing director) that Mnangagwa was not amused. Due to his misrepresentation, Mhlanga was convinced and briefed Dube on the goings on at the company, with the accused person promising to render assistance,” Chile said.

“A few days later, Dube returned to Ingwebu Breweries and offered to use his authority to pressurise the company’s debtors, which included companies contracted on beerhall franchise, to pay their debts and the management agreed. Following his intervention, some debtors honoured their commitments. He also pressured management to employ his friends whom he claimed were students on attachment from the CIO.”

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