BCC fails to collect refuse

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has reportedly failed to collect refuse in the past month in Ward 3 and 5 with residents fearing for an outbreak of diseases.

The residents from Parklands and Ilanda noted that their refuse is usually collected fortnightly but on two occasions they have had to return their garbage into their yards.

Shamiso Tekenye, from Parklands, said the failure to collect refuse poses a health threat especially at a time when the city is battling a water crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tekenye said some of the refuse was now developing maggots and producing foul smells in the backyards.

“It is very dangerous to keep refuse in this state in our yards. Some of us are working mothers, we spend much time at work and our children will be at home. How do we know that while we are away they will not play with the garbage? The city council needs to find means of collecting our refuse,” she said.

Sihle Mkhwananzi said they have resorted to burning some of the litter to contain the amount of refuse they keep.

“There hasn’t been any communication from the council so we do not know when they are coming. We now burn litter to minimise the amount of litter that we keep since we do not know when it will be collected,” said Mkhwananzi.

Ward 3 councillor Silas Chigora said he had not received any complaints from the residents hence was not aware of the issue.

Ward 5 councillor Felix Mhaka told CITE that on several occasions he has has to release his personal truck to collect refuse.

“The council is having challenges in securing fuel so I released my truck to clear garbage from islands where people were dumping their litter in areas around Morningside and Hillcrest. Since the issue keeps persisting I will have to release my truck again. In the previous meeting at the council we however told those in authority to communicate before hand if there will be such challenges so that residents can be advised and alternative measures can be made,” said Cllr Mhaka.

BCC public relations officer Bongiwe Ngwenya had not responded to questions emailed to her by the time this article was published.

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