‘Ban strip clubs in Bulawayo’

Bulawayo residents have once again called for the banning of adult entertainment centres like strip clubs in the city, saying they are contributing to immorality, especially among youths.

Speaking at a constative stakeholders meeting on Vuzu parties, Wednesday, infuriated parents said it is the existence of such spots that makes children want to experiment with alcohol and sex.

One parent said their children’s curiosity is aroused by the search light that directs people to the strip club located in the city centre and they are eager to visit the place.

“As a city what are we doing to protect our children? That light attracts them as much as it attracts the elderly.

” Some are above 18 and are allowed in there. When they come out they want to experiment on what they would have seen,” said the parent.

A young person, Talent Kundai, said the government is fuelling a negative behaviour amongst young people by granting stands to commercial sex workers at platforms such as the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

“Honestly when prostitutes are given exhibition stands at such platforms is it a confirmation that such industries are legal. These are some of the things that lead young people astray,” she said.

Mr Ndabayabo Ndlovu suggested that all stakeholders work together to get to the root cause of the problem.

He noted some of the legislations passed have fuelled the uncontrollable behaviour among youths.

“Some of the root causes are the legislations that were put in place. When someone reaches 18 they consider themselves as an adult. The government should have considered this than pass the law in excitement of allowing more people to vote,” he said.

Ndlovu said the issue of human rights needs to be revisited as it has become a challenge to discipline children without them screaming about their rights.

“Even the Bible allows us to correct our children using a little beating. But these rights that are so highly upheld are making this close to impossible. We were raised by severe beatings and turned out just fine but now we can’t discipline our own children. I suggest we relook into some of these laws, “said Ndlovu.

A well-known social activist MaTshabalala condemned the police for allegedly accepting bribes from drug lords making it difficult for members of the community to address their grievances.

She alleged some police officers work with drug suppliers hence fail to arrest them when the need arises.

“There is a well-known drug dealer called MaHadebe whom we’ve been trying to assist police to arrest since 2010. Funny enough when we demonstrated because of her, she called her ‘police friends’ and got us arrested,” fumed MaTshabalala.

“Right now we are facing a lawsuit of $10 000 dollars. We cant barely take care of our families yet we are expected to pay that much. What’s worse is if we do not pay that amount we will go to prison, who is going to protect our children then?” she said.

Acting Bulawayo Provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube encouraged residents to report incidents where they see police officers engaging in corrupt activities.

“Many police officers have been either transferred or brought before the courts because of such conducts. Whenever you find them not properly conducting themselves please come forward and report them. This issue of drug abuse amongst children is very sensitive and needs to be treated very seriously,” said Insp Ncube.

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