Aspiring Mayor promises wage-increase

Tanaka Mrewa
ALDERMAN Engineer Cllr Earnest Rafamoyo has promised to work on projects to increase wage-bill for city council employees should he be elected as mayor of the city of Bulawayo.

He made these remarks during an interview with CITE where he gave a narration of the amount of years he has served in the council office.

“There are several projects in Bulawayo that can be used to generate income for the council. It doesn’t necessarily have to solely depend on rates. Such projects as prepaid car parking meters can generate up to $3 million per month-an amount that is more than enough to pay local authorities per month,” said Cllr Rafamoyo.

He added: “My profession also strongly backs the mayoral position. Development of a city is always backed by engineering. Iḿ at an advantage to understand interact, understand all the languages of development in a city.

Furthermore, I have vast experience in the council office. I have gone through serious conflicts and been able to resolve them amicably. I also have a strong christian background, I am God-fearing,” said Cllr Rafamoyo.

Cllr Rafamoyo, who is serving his third term as councillor for ward 20, said he has made several achievements during his reign.

“I have been actively involved in politics since 1997. In my reign as councillor i have managed to have 9 boreholes drilled in the ward. This managed to ease water supply which was a hazard in the area. Due to that, the residents managed to start up gardening projects which enabled them to generate income for self sustenance. I also managed to have a secondary school built in the ward,” he said.

Cllr Rafamoyo said he has held several leadership positions in his lifetime since an early stage where he was leader of students union at college and has represented workers in various unions as well.

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