ARTUZ amplifies calls for USD wages

...members embark on two day stayaway


Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has amplified calls by teachers to have their salaries paid in  United States Dollars (USD).

This comes after the zimbabwe teachers association last week implored government to pay their wages in united states dollars at a time when the economy is experiencing a meltdown.

“It is our view that teachers’ salaries should be paid in United States dollars to cushion them from sky rocketing prices,” read the statement.

“The salaries should also be available in banks for withdrawal in cash to avoid multiple taxation of our meagre earnings.”

ARTUZ decried failure by the government to address the underpayment of teachers’ stating that this has forced members to resort to a nonviolent protest in the form of a stay away.

The union said its members had embarked on a two day stay away starting on Monday.

“Countless petitions were served to the ministries of Education, Finance and Public service but no response was received.”

“The Union is reportedly already undertaking a parallel process of getting signatures for a petition titled, Takatadza here kukuvhoterai? Saphambanisa ngokukuvhotela yini? What sin did we commit by resoundingly voting for you?

“The petition seeks to take the Head of state and government to task for failing to fulfill electoral promises”.

Last week Friday, ZIMTA challenged the government to pay teachers’ wages in USD considering the continuously deteriorating economic situation.

ZIMTA secretary general, Tapson Nganunu Sibanda said due to the government’s new tax hike and monetary measures the bond note has been devalued resulting in prices of basic commodities and services rising astronomically.

He said US dollars based salaries were necessary given the volatility of the economy currently.

“In light of the prevailing economic situation in the country, where service providers are demanding payments in foreign currency, we as teachers in Zimbabwe, hereby demand to be paid our salaries in foreign currency forthwith,” he said.

ZIMTA threatened to mete out unspecified action, if government fails to meet their demands.





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