Art Gallery renovations begin

The National Art Gallery in Bulawayo has commenced renovations of its dilapidated building after receiving financial assistance from international donors.

The gallery last year made an appeal for US$40 000 to rehabilitate the 125-year-old iconic building.

In a statement, the gallery said they had received financial assistance from the Direct Aid Programme grant supported by the Australian and Switzerland Embassies in Zimbabwe.

The renovations will focus on the damaged sections of the building and also include the construction of a disability ramp.

“We have this January commenced with renovations to damaged sections of the building. The renovation will include installation of a disability ramp in line with our principle of enhancing the ease of access to the building by people living with disabilities,” the statement read.

As part of the renovations, the gallery will also upgrade its power system by installing a solar system that will power parts of the building.

“In the spirit of environmentalism, the gallery will courtesy of a grant from the Embassy of Switzerland install a solar system to power sections of the gallery,” it said.

The gallery also added that they are looking forward to launching the first-ever exclusive digital art exhibition.

“We further look forward to May 2020 when we launch the gallery’s first-ever digital arts exhibition. The exhibition will be in partnership with arebyte Gallery in London and is supported by the British Council Southern Africa Arts,” said the press release.

The gallery will also hold a number of events to celebrate the country`s 40th independence celebrations.

“As you are aware that Zimbabwe turns 40 in 2020, we are working on artistic commemorations of this important milestone in the country’s liberation heritage,” said the gallery.

“In partnership with various civic organisations, we will take art to the communities not only for purposes of promoting art appreciation but also for purposes of leveraging art to promote peacebuilding and social cohesion.”         

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