Appeal for clothes and blankets for fire-hit Plumtree family

An appeal has been launched for a family in Kungubo village in Plumtree who lost their belongings after a fire gutted one of their bedroom huts.

The family suspects that a solar charging system caused the fire as they had left their phones and power bank charging.

 They are in need of food, clothes (old /new), and blankets.

“One of my huts was burnt down by fire and we suspected that the fire was caused by our charging system as there were mobile phones and a power bank that were charging during the incident,” said Green Ndlovu, the owner of the homestead.

Ndlovu said eight children aged between 4-16years old are in need of clothes and blankets.

“The children’s ages are 4-year-old (boy), 5-year-old (girl), three children aged 7years (2 boys, one girl), 12-year-old (boy), 16-year-old (girl) and 11-year-old (boy).”

A relative, Sophie Kungubo added that some of the children are also orphans.

“The family has 15 children in total, these ones who are mentioned are the ones whose clothes were being kept in that hut, we are appealing for assistance so that they can get blankets and clothes as they lost everything,” said Kungubo.

“Some of the neighbours had to assist us with one blanket and I also had to give them another one. They don’t even have shoes, some of them are left with the shoes they were wearing when going to school.”

Those willing to assist can contact Sophie Kungubo on +27 61960 3246 or use Ecocash number +263 774 731 440 under Visitor Ndlovu.

Donations could also be dropped in 4166 Gwabalanda, Bulawayo.

Those in South Africa can also use the FNB Account number 62775056461.

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