Amnesty International: Zimbabwe must uphold constitution, end rights abuses

The government of Zimbabwe has been called upon to uphold the provisions of the Constitution on the protection of human rights and the welfare of citizens, as stated in a report by Amnesty International.

Human rights defenders bemoan the plethora of human rights abuses that are not being effectively addressed.

Amnesty International notes that the second republic must enforce the rule of law and refrain from enforcing repressive legislation used by the previous government.

This is contained in a report issued by the organisation entitled “Zimbabwe: Human Rights Under Attack – A Review of Zimbabwe’s Human Rights Record in the period between 2018-2023.”

“Amnesty International calls on the government of Zimbabwe to adhere to the Constitution of Zimbabwe and ensure that the values and principles it enshrines are translated into legislation protecting people’s human rights and welfare. The legacy of the past government was the enactment of repressive laws. Breaking away from that legacy means that parliament must actively seek to create a corpus of laws that ensure the promotion and protection of people’s rights,” the report reads.

“Even beyond the provisions of Chapter 4, the Constitution provides the normative tools necessary for the people of Zimbabwe to thrive. Freedom from fear and the creation of a peaceful environment will free the imagination of the people of Zimbabwe and allow them to be partners in the country’s development agenda. Promoting and protecting human rights is essential for the realization of the country’s development agenda.”

The report emphasizes the importance of protecting economic, social, and cultural rights, where protection must translate into changes in policy and practice to have meaning and significance to ordinary people.

“The government must desist from conduct that will have a negative impact on the enjoyment of these rights, such as forced evictions, demolition of houses, and failure to equip health facilities and provide accessible health services for all. It further encourages the government to take steps to promote these rights, through the adoption of inclusive legislation and adequate allocation of resources,” it reads.

“The courts must also continue to play an important role in the protection and promotion of human rights in Zimbabwe. An independent and impartial judiciary is essential for the preservation of fair trial rights and to ensure redress when all other rights are violated. The government must adopt effective measures to ensure judicial independence. These should include adequate funding and regular and systematic judicial officer training.”

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