ALZ launches mentorship program

Accountability Lab Zimbabwe (ALZ) today launched its one-year long mentorship accountability incubator program for creative enterprising civic leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Speaking during a press conference to launch the program, ALZ Programs and Campaigns Officer, Zibusiso Dube said the 10 accountapreneurs selected will go through hands-on training, knowledge building, network building and brand development.

“For this initial round of accountability incubator which we are starting now, we will be recruiting 10 accountapreneurs, these 10 selected individuals which will include at least five women will go through a comprehensive hand on support which includes training, knowledge building, network building and brand development,” said Dube. 

“So generally, what we do is we tailor the training depending on who is selected for the accountability incubator but generally we have a curriculum that cuts across, that includes things like financial management, scaling and growth, proposal writing, communication among other topics.

Dude added: “In addition to this training and support, the accountapreurs will also access office space, equipment and the internet as well as some of the labs’ training resources and the networking opportunities. Then also importantly, the accounterpreurs will be paired with mentors who will guide them throughout the course of the year to ensure that they can scale up their projects to ensure that they are able to bring out the best in their communities in trying to affect accountability.”

Dube said they are looking to support ideas that seek to address issues of accountability, open government and engagement.

“We are looking to support people for instance with ideas to enhance access  to information on governance issues at the local level, this could be information on budgets, it could be information on planning for the Council to say what are they planning for the upcoming year, It can be a project that enhances realisation of the socio-economic  rights , it could be also initiatives that support  exercise of civic and political rights for instance it could be an initiative that provides space for marginalised communities, maybe say in a squatter camp to be able to meet with councillors and members of parliament so that they can address the challenges  they face, it could be a project maybe to address long ranging problems with the specific locations like Eppworth, Cowdray Park , like in Beitbridge where people have been struggling with water provision  for a long time,” said the programs officer.

He said the person should be “who is in control of decision making within the entity that is applying, so to be eligible to apply you should at least be the founder, Director of the organisation or someone with the decision-making power and over 18 years old, residing in Zimbabwe”.

The deadline for application is 15 November and  application details can be found on ALZ social media pages.

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