All I want is for my son to have a normal life: Dad appeals for help

A 37-year-old father from Heany Junction in Umguza is appealing for financial assistance to treat his six-year-old son who is suffering from a kidney ailment. 

Mthokozisi Dube says his son, Mthabisi Dube has been in and out of hospital since the age of four.

The ailment has affected Mthabisi’s eyes, teeth and stomach.  

“My child has a kidney problem, he started having the problem in 2018. We have been in and out of the hospital trying to get help for him,” said Dube told CITE.

He appealed for assistance to purchase medication which he said was beyond his reach.

“I have been to the hospital so many times back then I could afford here and there but I have run out of funds as a self-employed father. I approached different media houses and I managed to cover some bills back then but now my son’s problem is back again,” he said. 

“He has specific tablets that he has to take every month. The tablets are very expensive as there are five different types. I can no longer afford them but my wish is for my son to be well like other children.”

Dube said the ailment has robbed his son of the opportunity to live a normal life like other children of his age.

“His eyes get swollen, teeth fall out which makes eating a challenge for him. At times when he eats his digestive system does not digest the food properly. Soon after eating, he has to go to the toilet,” said the father. 

Those who want to assist Mthabisi can get in touch with his father on 00263 779 125 573. 

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