Residents protest over bridge

Cowdray Park residents resettled under the  Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle scheme are fuming over the alleged delay by council to rehabilitate road infrastructure in the area.

According to residents, the bridge, which enables them to cross a sewer infested river was meant to have been completed in November last year.

CITE conducted interviews in the area where residents expressed disgruntlement, describing the slow process as extreme poor service delivery.

They alleged that the city council demolished a bridge they had been using over the years after it was deemed unsafe.

This, the residents say, has left them in a fix as they are forced walk long distances as commuter omnibus operators shun the route due to bad roads.

Thubelihle Khumalo, 28, a kombi conductor said they were forced to erect a temporary bridge after heavy rains fell in the area last week.

He said they got fed up of waiting for the council and contracted consortium to fix the bridge for them.

Mfowabo Ncube, Residents Association secretary lamented how the poor road network has affected business in the area.

Ncube said the sewer-infested river floods during the rainy season putting residents’ health at risk.

Ncube added t5hat thieves take advantage of the difficulties faced by residents and pounce on them as they maneuver across the river.

Another resident who identified himself as Mr Ncube said the local authority should be truthful to the people rather than take advantage of them.

The city council did not respond to questions sent to them, however, is on record saying that it was not responsible for developing infrastructure in the area, but the responsibility fell with the residents.






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