66 teachers to be replaced after running for political office

Sixty-six teachers who ran for public office in the August elections will be replaced, with the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) accusing the government of targeting opposition members.

ARTUZ said teachers affiliated to Zanu PF were still working in their jobs despite the constitutional requirement and directive that election candidates must resign.

“In line with Section 200 of the Constitution, the Public Service Commission (PSC) decided to replace 66 teachers who were successfully nominated as candidates for the 2023 elections. Shockingly, teachers like Enock Chevedza (of Gokwe South) and Garikai Makwakwa (Makonde, Mashonaland West), who won as councillors for Zanu PF, remain in office,” ARTUZ posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Before the August 23 elections, PSC Secretary Tsitsi Choruma issued a circular to all heads of government ministries warning them about political participation.

Choruma said a member of the public service who wishes to become a candidate for elections to a local authority or has been nominated as a candidate by a political party, political organisation or political movement or declares himself/herself as a candidate for elections to Parliament or local authority shall submit, in writing, a letter notifying the commission of his/her intentions.

“The member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Public Service with effect from the date that the authority is granted for those seeking election to a local authority,” she said.

“A member of the Public Service who wishes to seek election to Parliament shall be deemed to have resigned from the Public Service with effect from the date of acceptance of his nomination by the Nomination Court.”

ARTUZ has called on the PSC to enforce the constitutional provision and authorities directive impartially.

“The PSC must enforce the Constitution and the authorities directive impartially. All teachers who ran for political office must be treated equally, regardless of their political affiliation,” ARTUZ said.

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