35 000 vehicles unregistered

At least 35 000 vehicles remain unregistered in Zimbabwe owing to the shortage of number plates the country has been experiencing, Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister, Felix Mhona told Parliament recently.

He was however quick to say the government is already addressing the issue, adding by year-end all vehicles would have been registered.

“According to the information that we have, we have about 35 000 unregistered vehicles,” said Mhona.

“A number of motorists were just plying routes with unregistered vehicles and some took advantage of that gap. I am here to announce that we received adequate stocks of number plates this past month.”

He disclosed that they had received 37 000 pairs of numbers, further explaining the gap would be bridged.

“However, at the end of October, we are going to receive 151 500 and the consumption of number plates should just give you information Hon. Members,” said Mhona.

“We produce almost 3000 a day and that is the capacity of the production of number plates. If you then multiply by 30 days, we can produce 90 000 number plates but the consumption of our number plates is between 6 000 to 7 000.  This is what we import after the advent of the Statutory Instrument that banned those cars above 10 years.  Before that, it was 7 000 to 8 000, so now we are currently importing about 6 000 vehicles.  So, it means we will then have a surplus above that.”

The Minister said by the end of October if they receive their batch for 151 000 they will have almost close to 18 months’ adequate supply of number plates.

“What that entails is that as a Ministry, we are saying by the first of December, it will be mandatory for every motorist to have number plates and there is no excuse,” he said.

“This will also manage the issues of hit and run, those that will take advantage of unregistered vehicles. I then now need to advise the people of Zimbabwe that come December, the law enforcement agencies, together with some of our departments, will be flat out on our road and we will not allow motorists to take advantage.”

He added: Whether it is a government vehicle, it must have number plates, and it must be licenced.  Licencing, whether it is not plying, there must be a disk on the windscreen. So I just thought maybe as we go back to our constituencies, we make sure that we also preach the good news that come December, all the vehicles will be having their number plates.”

He went on to say desks have been set up at Central Vehicle Registry (CRV), Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA), to expedite the process of issuance of number plates.

“So, you must take advantage of that provision and make sure that you comply with the law.”

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